ON DEMAND – Your Survival Guide for Inner Balance

ON DEMAND - A 90 minute pre-recorded webinar that will teach you how to balance your physical, emotional and spiritual self.  You will learn to identify and examine each of your seven chakras.  These energy centers in our physical body can help us create balance, health and harmony in our lives.  Included in the price is a selection of crystals for each chakra, a large piece of Palo Santo (fragrant holy wood) for smudging your space and body as well as a smudge bundle of 7 Chakra sage to purify and enliven your working area.

AWUG · November 10, 2023

ON DEMAND – This is a 90 minute pre-recorded webinar that will create a sense of inner balance to guide us through these turbulent times. You will learn to identify your seven chakras, or natural energy centers, that align with your body. This course will also include detailed instructions on how to diagnose any disorder within your chakras and employ various methods of rebalancing them.  


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