3-22-2023 Development Circles

THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO ATTENDED IN REAL TIME.  ATTENDEES MAY REVIEW THE LESSONS AND EXERCISES IN THEIR STUDENT ACCOUNTS.  NEW DEVELOPMENT CIRCLES WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON! . Every two weeks, Anthony will share his years of experience as a professional intuitive and medium to share secrets of the trade. There has been a lot of scientific evidence regarding intuition and the intuitive process over the past 10 years, so will will be discussing the function of the limbic system, basic principles of quantum physics and mechanics, and the practice of neuroplastic exercises. All of these, with a few practical methods I've developed over the years, will heighten the intuitive process as well as deepen connections and relationships with others as well as enhance our relationship with ourselves. There will be generous periods devoted to real time Q/A and mentoring  These are live classes conducted in real time on Wednesdays, 8pm Eastern.  You will also be able to connect with other students on our site to arrange private practice sessions, create study groups, and make new friends of like mind.  Please join us!
AWUG · February 24, 2023

Join our Development Circles!

Four LIVE Spiritual Development calls!  Each call is approximately 2 hours in duration, via Zoom.

What’s included:

  • Lecture on a specific modality
  • Group practice session
  • Guided Meditation
  • One-on-one experience with another student in private breakout room
  • Group follow up discussion

March 22 – April 26,  2023.   All classes are held on alternate Wednesdays, 8pm Eastern

If you are not able to make a class, a replay video of the session will be available in your student account.

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