6-28-2023 Candle and Lamp Burning for Spiritual Purposes

In this two hour live webinar, Anthony Russell will walk you through the long and interesting history of using the element of fire for transformational purposes.  We will discuss various historical shamanic texts outlining the ritual use of candles and oil lamps to manifest a petitioner's intention. Then, you will be given step by step instructions and a live demonstration of how to prepare any candle into a physical object of focus to bring about transformation in your day to day life.
AWUG · June 2, 2023

The custom of candle and lamp burning for healing and spiritual purposes has transcended many cultures for more than three thousand years. Candle and lamp burning is still implemented today in many spiritual practices. They are burned in various houses of worship as well as private homes to petition assistance in our daily lives for anything from divine intercession to making your wishes come true.

This Course Includes:

  • Historical Lecture on the topic
  • Description of types of candles, significance of colors and best days to use
  • A guided meditation to help you set your intention
  • Step-by-step guide to preparing and activating your candle
  • Downloadable pdf of course material

If you are unable to attend the live class, a replay will be available in your student account for as long as you are enrolled!

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