ON DEMAND – Meet Your Spirit Guides

ON DEMAND! - Our Spirit Guides and helpers play an integral part of your life. Here you will discover why you have chosen the team who are working with you in Spirit.  They can be anyone from deceased loved ones to assigned angelic beings to ascended masters.  We will discover how to identify them and interact with them to our advantage.   Scroll down for more details:
AWUG · July 24, 2023



This course is step-by-step training on how to access and work with our spirit guides.  Our guides have been watching over us since we drew our first breath.  Many of them exist in spirit form, but some of them may actually be among our living circle of loved ones who may have followed us from a previous life into this one.  You will learn to identify each of them and also learn to interact with them in the most beneficial ways.


  • An in depth lecture on the overall concept of spirit guides
  • A guided meditation/visualization to initiate contact with them
  • Downloadable mp3 audio file of the meditation
  • Downloadable pdf file of lesson notes and highlights

As with all self led courses at Astro West Education, the replay video of the live event will be already loaded into the lesson.  You will be able to experience the entire lesson with the exception of asking questions in real time.  

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