ON DEMAND – How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Throughout The Year!

JOIN US IN THIS LIVE WEBINAR that will help you keep your New Year's resolutions  and any other goals for the coming year.  We'll use the wisdom of the ancient Agrarian Calendar to plant our crops (hopes and desires) and see them through the coming year all the way to harvest.
AWUG · January 3, 2024

Big goals for the year seldom last beyond February 1st.  What DOES work is a serious and well planned commitment that will carry us through the year.  It is a fortress that must be built upon a strong foundation, brick by brick.  A true resolution can be realized only through a daily commitment

Our ancestors had a much better system to guarantee success that happened to be called the Agrarian Calendar, or “Wheel of the Year. It began on the 21st of December or Yule, which guaranteed return of the Sun. Promises were made to improve their lives during the harsh winter months, and they spent the coming year systematically re-enforcing those commitments until they were able to actualize a bountiful harvest in the Autumn.

You will learn the 8 seasons of the ancient calendar and discover the wisdom within those seasons to guarantee that any goal you set can indeed be brought across the finish line and manifest in your life!

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