Connecting with Crystals Module 1

AVAILABLE ONLY TO ORIGINAL ATTENDEES - PLEASE CONSIDER THE SERIES! This is module 1 of our 3 module series “Connecting With Crystals.” It’s a great way to get your feet wet without committing to the entire series. If you’d like to continue with the remaining two modules, you’ll be issued a coupon code that will not only give you 50% off on the whole course, but also refund the cost of this one! Looking forward to seeing all of you there!
AWUG · March 7, 2024

Module One:

Bestselling author Laurelle Rethke will guide you on a meditation journey to open to the subtle energies of stones and your own intuitive wisdom. She’ll then cover all of the crystals chosen by attendees, as well as offer insights into a deeper connection.

Laurelle will additionally discuss the chakra system and energy body, cover ways to work with the stones you already have, and answer your questions relating to using stones on a daily basis—giving you a basic foundational understanding of how to work with crystals that you can build upon if you so choose.



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