ON DEMAND – Connecting With Crystals (Series)

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Join Laurelle Rethke, best selling author of ‘Connecting with Crystals’ for this three module series that will teach you how to select, connect with, and be empowered by crystals to enhance your life



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In this 3 Module series, you will experience connecting to the subtle energies of crystals, to intuit which crystals provide which energies, and get some basic scientific reasons for why the stones work and which stones will work for which issues. We’ll journey with the crystals, learn about cleansing and charging, and more. Get all of your questions about working with crystals answered, including how crystals can help us open to our own innate intuitive wisdom.

Module One

Bestselling author Laurelle Rethke will guide you on a meditation journey to open to the subtle energies of stones and your own intuitive wisdom. She’ll then cover all of the crystals chosen by attendees, as well as offer insights into a deeper connection.

Laurelle will additionally discuss the chakra system and energy body, cover ways to work with the stones you already have, and answer your questions relating to using stones on a daily basis—giving you a basic foundational understanding of how to work with crystals that you can build upon if you so choose.

Module Two

In this module Laurelle will guide you deeper into the physical and nonphysical aspects of the stones. Covering some of the science behind how crystals work with the body for healing, how to ascertain the metaphysical properties of stones, and how to use crystals by color with the chakras–including a little known tip that will increase their effectiveness–this module will help you to understand both the science and spirit of gemstones.

Module Three

In this final module Laurelle will go over key terms you’ll need to know when working with crystals, go deeper into using stones intuitively and with intention, and learn multiple ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. Plus she’ll answer additional questions about using crystals in your everyday life, offer suggestions for which stones are best for a basic and balanced crystal kit, and share books for further reference. We’ll end our time with another meditation journey to further your connection with crystals beyond the workshop, and to meet the crystal deva’s.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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