10-11-2023 Meet Reiki Master Teacher Abbey Klotz!

We’re so delighted to invite you to a live Zoom event with our Reiki Master Teacher, Abbey Klotz! You can view her introduction video below, but this two hour Zoomathon will give you the opportunity to meet her face to face and ask any questions you might have about Reiki and some of the other services she provides. Looking forward to seeing you all at 8pm Eastern on October 11th, 2023!


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BIO:  Abbey Klotz is a Reiki Master Teacher (Usai Reiki, with some Gendai influences) and a somatic movement therapist specializing in the Ilan Lev Method and Zero Balancing. Additionally trained as a Mat Pilates instructor and in various sound and sound healing techniques such as overtone singing, singing bowls, tuning forks, sonic meditations and guided visualizations. Abbey Klotz’s work is strongly influenced by some Alexander techniques and various Listening practices developed through study with the Meisner Technique, Suzuki and Viewpoints, Noguchi Gymnastics and CircleSongs.

SESSIONS – Reiki is a form of energy healing which works with your body’s own vibrations to harmonize and energize you. One does not need to ‘believe’ in Reiki for it to work. It compliments all forms of naturopathic, allopathic, and alternative forms of medicine. Reiki is a unique modality, requiring light touch or no touch at all. It has been recognized as a deeply restorative way to reduce stress, improve sleep and relaxation. It’s a wonderful enhancement of any type of movement or meditation practice.

ATTUNEMENT – Anyone can learn to do it! Reiki Level one is a foundational course which centers all the structural basics for channeling reiki effectively for the benefit of self and others. It is the first encounter with Reiki, where everything important is introduced. Subsequent levels will further depth and experience.

Reiki can be used by all people of any age or background. The attunement process is part class, part ceremony. Topics covered: the reiki lineage, hands on practice, energy building and channeling exercises and meditations. It is more productive to the student to space attunements with at least 3 months between levels. This helps the student better process and inhabit each level and helps the student become a stronger practitioner. This is the traditional way. Levels 1-3 offered in private or small group. Levels 2 & 3 offered by invitation from your instructor.


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